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Using the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES) report posted on the documents list, review the scorecard and select a problem area in the various sections.  Write a paragraph detailing why the IoES gave LA the grade they gave it.  Then visit as many sites form the following list and select one that best addresses the problem discussed by the IoES.  Write several paragraphs that show how people in LA are working to address the problem.  Try not to go over three pages.  Yes, you can also visit sites not on the list.


Sources on Sustainability and Local Government

City of Los Angeles:
LA Sustainability Plan
LA Sustainability Collaborative
Port of Los Angeles Sustainability
LA Convention Center Sustainability
LA City Building and Safety

Other Cities:
Pasadena Thinks Green
City of Santa Monica Office of Sustainability
Burbank Sustainability Program (PDF file)

LA County:
LA County Office of Sustainability
LA County Sustainability Programs
LA County Dept. of Public Works
LA County Green Procurement
LA County Environment and Public Health

Higher Education:
UCLA Climate Collaborative
UC Law on LA Sustainability
UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability (IoES)
Sustainable Works (Santa Monica)
Build LACCD (green buildings at our nine campuses)
CSUN Sustainability

Business Groups
LA Sustainable Business Council (problem link?)
Green Business Networking
LA Green Incubator
Green Seal Business
U.S. Green Building Council, (San Fernando Valley)

Heal the Bay
BlueGreen Alliance
Good Food Alliance
Pacoima Beautiful

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